• The science behind it
• Supplements
• Foods to help and foods to avoid
• Exercise suggestions
• Tips
• Home treatments
• Other treatments (you don’t need a big budget for this part)
• What you can drink when socialising


I have undertaken over 4 years of research as well as trying out different supplements and home treatments, using diet and exercise tips to master the art of reducing the effects of alcohol on my body and water retention in general. I almost came to the point of accepting that I had to completely cut out alcohol and that weight gain due to water retention was part of not being in my twenties anymore. However, I refused to come to terms with it and promised myself I would FIX THIS! I found a solution that worked for me and I am sharing all my findings with you here! I hope this little guide helps you as much as it does me. It is very COMPLETE.

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7 Day Plan: Getting Back on Track